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ShoreTel Sky End of Sale Announcement for New Customers Notification

Extended Summary

A Product Bulletin has been posted for Sales and Partners. To view this Product Bulletin, use the link below, which requires a Sign In to the Support site.

This Product Bulletin is not intended for other audiences.

Note for ShoreTel Sky Customers: This notification only provides instructions to Sales and Partners to no longer sell ShoreTel Sky phone systems to new customers. This notification does not affect existing ShoreTel Sky customers who will continue to be supported for many years into the future. By rule, all Product Bulletins, like this one, must be publicly available, but the actual bulletin content is restricted to the intended audience, which in this case is Sales and Partners.

ShoreTel Dates

Created Date 2017-09-22 - Modified Date 2017-09-28

Article: 000014123