SHORETEL IS NOW PART OF MITEL. See how powering connections in the cloud is now brilliantly simple.

Welcome to Mitel Connect CLOUD - Information for New Users and Administrators


ShoreTel is now part of Mitel! Powering Connections ® that are Brilliantly Simple ®.

If you are new to the Mitel Connect CLOUD phone system, you are in the right place! The information in this article will help you learn how to use and manage a wide range of phone-related features directly on your phone or in the web-based Connect Portal.

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New Users and Administrators

Day 1

To keep things simple, here are the top articles for you to get started with today!

Note that the Connect Client and Teamwork apps require use of an Essentials, Standard, or Advanced phone profile (excludes users with a Voicemail-only, Courtesy, or Telephony profile).

Week 1

Feeling comfortable with the basic features of your new Mitel phone system? Great! Here are a few other articles for you to check out:

Looking for more great information to better utilize your new phone system? We’ve got you covered with the information and instructions linked below. For each of these links, it is recommended that you right-click the link and select the option to open the link in a new tab (to avoid navigating away from this page). You can always use the “Search Knowledge Base” area, located at the top of all Support pages, to find more information.

Learning to Use Your Phone

Using Phone System Features

Accessing More Phone System Features Online

Learning About Mitel Connect CLOUD Add-on Applications

New Administrators (Authorized Contacts)

If you are an administrator, you can learn how to utilize and manage users, data, applications, billing, and other features of your new phone system.

Managing Your Phone System

Contacting Mitel Support

ShoreTel Dates

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