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ShoreTel Support Center

From the ShoreTel Support Center, you can read and print articles about ShoreTel Connect CLOUD products, features, and services. A wide variety of videos are also available to help you learn more about ShoreTel Connect CLOUD products and services.

To access ShoreTel Support Center, do one of the following:

The purpose of the ShoreTel Support team is to help you resolve issues and make the necessary additions and changes to your organization's ShoreTel phone system.

Contacting Support

NOTE: ​If you are a ShoreTel Connect Resell customer, you must contact your Partner, rather than ShoreTel Support, for all Support needs.

If you experience an issue with a ShoreTel product, feature, or service, a support case can be reported to ShoreTel Support in one of the following ways:

ShoreTel Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For detailed information about opening a support case, see Opening a Support Case.

ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Training

ShoreTel Training can help you make the most of your ShoreTel Connect CLOUD products and services. A variety of free, live, interactive training
webinars, interactive tutorials, and training videos are available.

For more information about ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Training or to register for a training session:

ShoreTel Trust

ShoreTel publishes performance publicly, in real-time, to signal our commitment to setting the highest standards for both reliability and honesty. You can view system status, scheduled maintenance, a history of recent issues, support case metrics, and more on the ShoreTel Trust website.

To access ShoreTel Trust, do one of the following:

ShoreTel Ideas

The ShoreTel Ideas interface is temporarily unavailable while technology improvements are being implemented.

ShoreTel Ideas previously served as a digital suggestion box where users posted suggestions and feature requests related to ShoreTel Connect products and services. Until a new suggestion box is available, please send your suggestions and feature requests by email to You can also create a Support Case to communicate your suggestions and feature requests to ShoreTel.

The ShoreTel Ideas link, available on the Support menu in the ShoreTel Connect Portal, currently links to the Forums page of the ShoreTel Support site.

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