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Features and Applications by Profile Type
Detailed Profile Descriptions
Swapping Profiles
Activating Profiles
Profile Cancellation Policy
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In the ShoreTel Connect CLOUD phone system, the type of "profile" assigned to a user's phone number determines the functionality that is available to that user. ShoreTel Connect CLOUD offers six different phone profile types, which are also known as bundles, to suit the varying needs of our customers. These profiles are Advanced, Standard, Essentials, Telephony, Courtesy, and Voicemail.  

Features and Applications by Profile Type

The following table lists the features and applications that are either included, available for an additional cost, or unavailable for each type of profile that can be assigned to a user's phone number. For more information about these features and apps, see the Related Topics section at the end of this article. The following explains the meaning of each symbol used in this table:

User-added image   - Included with the cost of the profile
User-added image$ - Features and applications that can be added a la carte (individually) for an additional cost
n/a  - Not Available with profile (cannot be added for an additional cost)
n/a* - Not Available with profile, but is in development for future availability at an additional cost

Connect CLOUD Features & ApplicationsVoicemailCourtesyTelephonyEssentialsStandardAdvanced
Direct Dial (DID) phone numbern/aUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Minutes per month (domestic outbound calls)inbound only200Unlimited
(2000 in UK & AU)
PBX features (different for each profile type)n/aUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Connect Portal (end-user / administrative online interface)n/aUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Connect Client (desktop app)
**  features provided by this app are indicated below by  **
n/an/an/aUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Voicemail  **User-added imagen/aUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Voicemail-to-email notification with WAV file  **User-added imagen/aUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Audio Conferencing (a.k.a. Collaboration)  **n/an/aad hoc 3-party8-party25-party100-party
Web Conferencing (desktop sharing)  **n/an/an/a4-party25-party100-party
Instant Messaging (IM)  **n/an/an/aUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Presence (availability states)  **n/an/an/aUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Video Calling (peer-to-peer)  **n/an/an/aUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Video Collaboration (multi-party)  **n/an/an/a8-party12-party24-party
Softphone  **n/an/an/aUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Outlook® integration  **n/an/an/aUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
"Find Me" call routing options (a.k.a. "mobile extension")  **n/an/aUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
-- Features & Applications Continued --VoicemailCourtesyTelephonyEssentialsStandardAdvanced
Teamwork (collaboration app)n/an/an/aUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Web Dialer / App Dialer (click-to-call capability)n/an/an/aUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Connect for Chrome™ browser (UC integration w/ Google G Suite)n/an/an/aUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Connect for Mobile (Android and iOS phones)n/an/an/aUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Scribe (voicemail-to-email transcriptions)User-added image$n/aUser-added image$User-added image$User-added imageUser-added image
Salesforce® and other CRM Integrationsn/an/an/aUser-added image$User-added imageUser-added image
Connect Telephony for Microsoft®n/an/an/aUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
Operator for Connect Clientn/an/an/an/an/aUser-added image
1 On Demand Call Recording (user initiates recordings)n/an/an/a*n/a*User-added imageUser-added image
1 Always On Call Recording (records all calls)n/an/aUser-added image$User-added image$User-added image$User-added image
2 Archiving (7 years for IMs, audio/web conferences, and call recordings)n/an/aUser-added image$User-added image$User-added image$User-added image
3 Fax (email-to-fax)n/an/aUser-added image$User-added image$User-added image$User-added image$
3 Contact Centern/an/an/aUser-added image$User-added image$User-added image$

1 On-Demand and Always-On Call Recording cannot co-exist for the same user (must select one type)
2 For users who do not have the Archiving feature, ShoreTel provides access to instant messages for 18 months, audio and web conference recordings for 3 months, and call recordings for 1 year. Advanced profile users need to open a Support Case to activate the Archiving feature.
3 Connect CLOUD Contact Center is purchased separately. Connect CLOUD Fax is also purchased separately per Fax Number and is not dependent on any type of profile

Note: Not all features and applications may be available at the time of product introduction. ShoreTel is under no legal obligation to deliver any future products, features, or functionality within any specified time frame.

Detailed Profile Descriptions

This section of the article provides a detailed description of the features and applications associated with each profile type along with other profile related information. Use the links below to jump to details about that profile.

Advanced Profile
Standard Profile
Essentials Profile
Telephony Profile
Courtesy Profile
Voicemail Only Profile

For the profiles documented below, you will find the following information:

Advanced Profile

The Advanced profile is designed to maximize worker productivity and meet the business needs of a significant number of Connect CLOUD users. If full Call Recording functionality and greater than 25-party web/audio conferences are not desired, the Standard profile is more aligned with your needs.

Standard Profile

The Standard profile is designed to maximize worker productivity and meet the business needs of the majority of Connect CLOUD users. If full Call Recording functionality or greater than 25-party web/audio conferences is desired, the Advanced profile is more aligned with your needs.

Essentials Profile

The Essentials profile is designed to best serve Connect CLOUD users who do not require the use of 25-party web/audio conferences or Connect for Mobile (Android and iOS phones). If Connect for Mobile, Scribe, 25-party web/audio conferences, or Salesforce/other CRM integration is desired, the Standard profile is more aligned with your needs.

Telephony Profile

The Telephony profile is designed for high-use analog phones and devices (for details see the Analog Telephone Adapters article).

Courtesy Profile

The Courtesy profile is designed for low-use phones located in lobbies, conference rooms, and other common areas. Courtesy profiles are also well suited for low-use analog phones and devices (for details see the Analog Telephone Adapters article).

Voicemail Only Profile

The Voicemail Only profile is designed for accessing group voicemail or the voicemail for an organization's main line phone number.

Swapping Profiles

Authorized Contacts (Decision Makers and Phone Managers) can change a user's existing phone profile from one type to another. Profiles, also known as bundles, include Advanced, Standard, Essentials, Telephony, and Courtesy, which are described above in this article. For more information about swapping a profile for an existing user, see the Swapping ShoreTel Connect Profile Types article.

Activating Profiles

To activate a profile, Authorized Contacts can utilize the Adding a User feature in the ShoreTel Connect Portal where they can select the type of phone profile for each new user. To deactivate profiles for existing users, open a Support Case to communicate your request to ShoreTel Support.

Profile Cancellation Policy

As per our current terms, we do not prorate credits for the current billed period when individual phone profiles are disconnected. Instead of disconnecting your contracted phone lines when you have changes in personnel, we recommend that you reassign the phone lines to new staff members. Doing this enables you to recycle phone lines and experience savings. The process of closing lines and then adding new user licenses incurs fees. Reassigning a phone line to a new user avoids both the forfeiting of the remaining current billed period and the new user setup fee for the new line. If you do not plan to rehire for a position within the current contract term or if your business is planning to shrink significantly from your original contracted profile amounts, please let us know so we can work with you to adjust your contract accordingly.


Q: How long does ShoreTel provide normal access to IMs, conference recordings and call recordings, and what is the benefit of the Archiving feature?
For users who have access to these features (via their profile or a la carte features), ShoreTel provides access to instant messages for 18 months, audio and web conference recordings for 3 months, and call recordings for 1 year. For users who have the a la carte Archiving feature or an Advanced profile, ShoreTel provides external storage for 7 years. Note that users with an Advanced profile need to open a Support Case to activate the Archiving feature, unless it was activated during account implementation.

Q: What PBX features are supported for Connect CLOUD profiles?
A wide range of PBX features are included with each of the Connect CLOUD profile types. To see a detailed breakdown of the supported Phone, Trunk, IP Phone Support, DSP, and System features by profile type, see the Connect-CLOUD-PBX-Feature-List.pdf file.

Q: What are the capacities and limitations of the voicemail system for users who have a ShoreTel Connect CLOUD profile?
The following applies to all profile types:

Q: Which profile should our company use for analog phones and other devices like door buzzers and overhead paging systems?
If the analog phone or device will require less than 200 minutes per month of domestic outbound calling, then your company should use a courtesy profile. Otherwise, use a telephony profile. For more information, see the Analog Telephone Adapters article.

Q: Why are there usage fees on courtesy profiles?
Courtesy profiles are "metered" and intended for low usage phones with lower monthly fees. With unlimited inbound, and 200 minutes of outbound calling included, these profiles are normally sufficient for the associated use types (lobby, conference room, other common areas).

Q: For courtesy profiles, can additional outbound minutes be purchased beyond the included 200?
Courtesy profiles include 200 outbound minutes per month. When this limit is exceeded, a charge of $0.05 per-minute is applied. If significantly more than 200 outbound minutes per month are routinely used by a Courtesy profile phone, you should consider opening a Support Case to communicate a request to ShoreTel Support to change the Courtesy profile to a Telephony profile.

Q: Do forwarded calls get metered on courtesy profiles?
Yes, forwarded calls are included in the metered usage.

Q: If I switch the profile type in the middle of the month, which will appear on the invoice?
Billing is based on the profile type at the end of the month, when the invoice cycle is complete.

Q: Are usage fees applicable for phone numbers that are not a type of billable phone profile?
Yes, customers are responsible for all outbound usage fees associated with all non-profile phone numbers, which are charged at $0.05 per minute. Within the ShoreTel Connect CLOUD phone system, non-profile numbers include "programming" numbers used to process calls through a company's call flow. A programming number is typically used as the "main line" number (where most inbound calls are received at an account location) and as a "trigger" number to process hunt group calls for the location's Auto Attendant. For direct outbound calls from a programming number, and inbound calls to a programming number that are transferred to an external phone number, any usage fees incurred from these calls are charged to the customer's account.

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