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ShoreTel Sky Communicator


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ShoreTel Sky Communicator is ShoreTel Sky's unified communications tool to help you get business done faster. ShoreTel Sky Communicator is a full unified communications solution. With presence, instant messaging, voice chat, video chat, and screen sharing, you can increase your productivity by streamlining communications in one easy-to-use interface.

Table of Contents

Activate Service
Manage Users
Download and Installation
Usage and Management
Screen Shots
Known Issues and Limitations
Requesting the Service
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Activate Service

To activate the ShoreTel Sky Communicator service, Authorized Contacts (Decision Makers and Phone Managers) can create a Support Case to communicate the necessary information to ShoreTel Sky Support. Please see our Support Cases article for instructions.

Manage Users

To manage (add or remove) users for your ShoreTel Sky Communicator service, Authorized Contacts (Decision Makers and Phone Managers) can create a Support Case to communicate the necessary information to ShoreTel Sky Support. Please see our Support Cases article for instructions.

Note: A user must be enabled (added to the service) before the user can download, install, and use ShoreTel Sky Communicator. Whenever a user is added or removed for this service, an email notification is sent to the user.

Download and Installation

To download and install ShoreTel Sky Communicator, do the following:

  1. Choose the link below that corresponds to your computer's operating system to download the ShoreTel Sky Communicator 1.1 build.297 installation file.
  2. What happens next depends on the type and version of the browser being used to download the file (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.).
    • If a pop-up dialog box appears, you can select either the Run or Save option. If instead, the file is automatically downloaded to your computer and/or displayed in the downloads bar at the bottom of your browser window, you can select the Run option if available.
    • If you did not (or were not able to) choose the Run option above, navigate to the "Downloads" folder on your computer (where downloaded files are normally saved), double-click the ShoreTel Sky Communicator installation file, and select the Run option..
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. When the installation is complete, log into ShoreTel Sky Communicator using your ShoreTel Sky phone number and enter your phone/voicemail PIN in the Password field.
  5. Your contact list will automatically load with names of coworkers who are also using ShoreTel Sky Communicator.

Note: If you click one of the links in step 1 above and experience an error (normally indicated as an "RSL Error"), please see our Downloading Files Issues article.

Usage and Management

This section provides the following topics:

Log In
Presence (Status)
Instant Messaging
Audio Chat and Video Chat
Screen Sharing
File Transfer
Updating ShoreTel Sky Communicator

Log In

To log into ShoreTel Sky Communicator, use your ShoreTel Sky phone number and enter your phone/voicemail PIN in the Password field.

Presence (Status)

ShoreTel Sky Communicator displays a presence icon next to each name in the contact list panel to provide a visual status indicator showing the current work state of each of your colleagues. The following list explains the meaning of each of the presence states:

Note: If you do not see a colleague's name in your contact list, that person is not logged into ShoreTel Sky Communicator.

Depending on your actions, ShoreTel Sky Communicator will automatically update your status as described below:

To change your presence status, click the Online drop-down menu located above the contact list panel (shown in the image below):

Presence Icons

Instant Messaging

  1. To communicate via instant messaging with a colleague, double click the desired name in the contact list panel.
  2. In the chat panel that opens, you can send and receive text messages in real time.
  3. When you are finished texting, just close the chat panel.
  4. When someone sends you an instant message, a notification dialog appears in the bottom right corner of your computer screen, which you can click to open the chat panel.

Audio Chat / Video Chat

A microphone and speakers are required for audio chat and a webcam is required for video chat.

  1. To start audio chat, click the telephone icon below the desired name in the contact list panel
  2. To start video chat, click the movie camera icon below the desired name in the contact list panel

Note: If you are experiencing trouble with your webcam, microphone, or speakers, navigate to Tools > Options > Audio or Tools > Options > Video to adjust your settings.

Screen Sharing

You can also use ShoreTel Sky Communicator to share screens with a coworker.

File Transfer

ShoreTel Sky Communicator supports transferring files between your contacts.

Send (Transfer) File Icon

Updating ShoreTel Sky Communicator

ShoreTel Sky Communicator will prompt you at sign-on if your client needs to updated, or you can manually check for updates.



Screen Shots

The following images are screen captures of various panels in ShoreTel Sky Communicator

Contact List Panel (displaying presence icons)

Contact List Panel

Icons Below Each Contact (from left to right: Instant Messaging, Audio Chat, Video Chat, and Screen Sharing)

Icons Below Each Contact

Instant Messaging Panel

Instant Messaging Panel

Log In Screen (enter your phone/voicemail PIN into Password field)

Log In Screen

Options Settings Panel

Options Settings Panel

Video Chat

User-added image


General Questions

Q: Can ShoreTel Sky Communicator start when my computer starts?
A: Yes. On PC, Tools > Options > General > Startup > check "Auto-start ShoreTel Sky Communicator when computer restarts or reboots"

Q: Is there a limit to how many users may use this service at one location? Does it require additional bandwidth?
A: No.

Q: How do I make sure that my Communicator client is up to date?
A: ShoreTel Sky Communicator will prompt you to upgrade when you log in. To manually update, see the Updating ShoreTel Sky Communicator section above.

Q: Can phone managers selectively enable and disable features within ShoreTel Sky Communicator?
A: No. ShoreTel Sky Communicator's features are all built-in and bundled together, administrative can not selectively control which features are enabled.

Q: Does ShoreTel Sky Communicator work on Apple iPad?
A: No. ShoreTel Sky Communicator is not compatible with


Q: What is the meaning of the colored round icons next to each name in my contact list?
A: The colored round icons are a visual presence indicator showing the current status of each contact. See the Presence (Status) section above for more information.

Q: How do I set my status to away?
A: Click the "Online" drop-down menu and select the yellow "Away" icon. See the Presence (Status) section above for more information.

Q: Why do I have two statuses?
A: ShoreTel Sky Communicator logs into an instant message client as well as sip softphone

Instant Messaging

Q: How do I change my contact list picture?
A: Right click on your existing picture in your contact list, a drop down will appear, choose your desired picture option.

Q: Can I chat with someone outside of my organization using ShoreTel Sky Communicator?
A: This feature is not supported. However, you can add additional account options under File > Add new account

Q: Is my chat history logged?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: Can I assign my contacts nicknames?
A: Yes you can. Simply right click the contact to rename

Voice Chat

Q: Where are the call recordings stored?
A: Call recordings are downloaded and saved. When you are done recording a dialog box pops up, that allows the user to save the file in the location of their choosing.

Q: Can I 4-digit dial using ShoreTel Sky Communicator?
A: No

Q: Can make outbound calls using ShoreTel Sky Communicator?
A: No you cannot. You can only call other Communicator users in your office

Q: How do I control my ShoreTel Sky Cisco IP Phone using ShoreTel Sky Communicator?
A: Unfortunately, the current version of ShoreTel Sky Communicator does not support call control. Future versions will support call control.

Known Issues and Limitations

Known Issues


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