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ShoreTel Sky Contact Center extends contact center functionality, for managing client contact and customer interactions, to a company's entire enterprise system. Because this functionality is bundled and integrated with the ShoreTel Sky hosted, managed VoIP phone system, our customers have no need to treat their call centers like separate islands anymore.

Release Notes

To view Release Notes for ShoreTel Sky Contact Center, see the associated Release Notes article.


The ShoreTel Sky Contact Center User Manual can be viewed and downloaded in PDF format by clicking here.

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Requesting the Service
CRM Lite
Known Issues
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Requesting the Service

To order ShoreTel Sky Contact Center, contact your ShoreTel Sky Account Manager or create a Support Case to communicate the request to ShoreTel Sky Support.


Accessing ShoreTel Sky Contact Center

To access ShoreTel Sky Contact Center, use the link below for the specific "SCC" cluster used for your account, and log in with your 10-digit phone number and voicemail password. Note that only Agents and Supervisors are enabled to log into ShoreTel Sky Contact Center:

Accessing ShoreTel Sky Contact Center Reports

See the ShoreTel Sky Contact Center Reports article.

Creating a new ACD Queue

While it is possible for supervisors to add an ACD Queue, additional configuration is required to create the queue and put it in production. To add a new ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) Queue to your ShoreTel Sky Contact Center service, please do the following:

  1. Create a Support Case to communicate your request to our client programming team. If needed, include a request for the specific charges that will be applied to each user added to your new ACD Queue.
  2. Provide a list of queue users who will need to share the voicemail that is configured for each new ACD Queue that is created.
  3. Access ShoreTel SCC Queue Questionnaire to download a questionnaire spreadsheet. Review the information in all three tabs of the Excel file and complete all of the questions.
  4. Email the completed questionnaire to If you have questions about the questionnaire, contact ShoreTel Sky Support.

Editing an ACD Queue

ACD Queues can be edited within the Provisioning > Queues menu by clicking the "Edit" link corresponding to the ACD Queue you wish to make changes to. From within the ACD Details menu, supervisors are able to make changes to queue settings, manage queue membership, edit hold treatments, and set up alerts.

Deleting an ACD Queue

While it is possible for supervisors to delete an ACD Queue, it is best to do the following so our client programming team can review and analyze your call flow to ensure that deleting the ACD Queue will not have of any adverse effects on your ShoreTel Sky Contact Center service.

  1. Create a Support Case to communicate your request to our client programming team.
  2. What is the name of the ACD Queue you want deleted? Note that deleted queues are set to close at the end of the current billing cycle.
  3. After the queue is deleted, where should calls to the existing queue's main line number be forwarded? If you do not want calls to the existing queue's phone number forwarded, let us know and we can just unassign the queue from the account.
  4. Do any existing queue users need to be deleted or moved to another queue?

Adding ACD Seats (Members)

  1. Click the "Add a New Member" button, which displays a pop-up menu that allows an administrator to select a device or agent from a drop-down menu.
  2. Set the Priority number for the new member.
  3. Click the "Save" button to complete the addition and the new device/agent will be added to the ACD members

Assigning a Hold Treatment

  1. From the Queue Details page, scroll down to "Hold Treatments"
  2. Choose a command from the "Add Command" drop-down menu located in the bottom right corner of the page
  3. Follow the prompts to assign your desired treatment

Uploading File to Audio Library for Hold Treatments

  1. From the Navigation Bar choose the Resources menu > Audio Library menu option
  2. Click "Add New Entry"
  3. Input description and upload file using the "browse" field
  4. Click Save/Upload

Creating ACD Seats (Users)

To add and configure new ACD Seats (Supervisor or Agent users), do the following:

  1. Ensure that each new user has a Managed Profile in your ShoreTel Sky phone system.
  2. Create a Support Case to communicate your request to our client programming team. If needed, include a request for the specific charges that will be applied to each user (ACD Seat) that you want added to an ACD Queue.
  3. For each new user, indicate the user's name and whether the user should be set as an Agent or Supervisor.
  4. For each new user, specify the name of the existing ACD Queue where you want to assign the user.

Editing Users

After you click "Edit" for an individual user, you can change any of the settings.

Creating an Overflow User

Creating an overflow user enables customers to opt-out of the queue and leave a message at a general voicemail box to be called back at a later time. These callers are redirected to another queue and "agent/device" where they leave the messages. Overflow users have no permissions because they are not really users.

CRM Lite

Screen Pops

Call Search


ShoreTel Sky Contact Center supports up to 60 queues per customer account.


Q: My Agents cannot accept calls without pressing 1. How do I disable this?
A: Check the ACD/Queue Details page to see if the "Require Agent Confirmation" check box is selected. Selecting this option will require agents to press "1" to accept the call. Failure to press "1" will cause the call to skip to the next agent/device in line.

Q: How are Agents assigned an "Unauthorized Break" status?
A: An agent is sent to an Unauthorized Break when they are logged into an ACD, but take no action on the call. For example, they do not reject the call but do not accept the call either.

Q: What if an Agent is a part of multiple ACD queues, how will Contact Center display their status on the Dashboards?
A: If the agent is a member of multiple ACD queues, the agent activity and status for each ACD will be displayed.

Q: Where do I find audio files for Whisper Announcements?
A: Whisper Announcements utilize audio files from the Audio Library, which can be accessed by Admin users in the Resources menu. Additionally, if you are using the Confirm Announcement in conjunction with the Whisper Announcement, the recording needs to include instructions to "press 1 to accept the call".

Q: What is an Unauthorized Break?
A: With this feature, if an agent rejects a call he or she will be placed into an Unavailable state and will not be sent any additional calls until they Go Ready on the Agent Control Panel. The system default setting is set using System Config under the Resources Menu, but can be overridden for each individual ACD.


Known Issues


When you save a report, if no dialog box appears, you may have to scroll down the page to see the Save Report dialog.

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