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ShoreTel Sky User Management


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This article provides instructions for Authorized Contacts to manage the users in their organization's ShoreTel Sky phone system.

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Manage Users
  -  Unlock Password
  -  Reset Password
Add User
Add Services to Users or Profiles
Edit User
Delete User
Reassign User
Swap Profile
Unassigned Profiles and Contacts
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The Users screen in the online ShoreTel Sky Portal enables Authorized Contacts who are Decision Makers or Phone Managers to find, view, and perform actions for all of the users that they manage. To better understand how to manage users, please review the following attributes associated with the ShoreTel Sky phone system:

Manage Users

The Users screen is a tabular formatted grid that enables you to customize your view of data on the screen. You can drag columns to different locations, change column width, and right-click within the column headings area to make selections to show or hide any of the columns of data that are displayed on the screen. Additionally, tabular formatted screens provide a a "Multiple values search" field.

The following explains how to utilize the functionality available to Authorized Contacts on the Users screen:

  1. Log into with business email address (username) and user password.
  2. Navigate to Phone System > Users, which opens the Users screen displaying user-related data in the following columns:
    • Contact Name - Displays the contact name associated with the user, which links to the Personal Information screen where you can view and manage contact settings, and view roles and permissions.
    • Service/Phone Name - Displays the name associated with the user's phone profile, which links to the Phone Settings screen where you can view and manage settings related to phone, voicemail, call routing, line buttons, emergency locations, and Time of Day.
    • Phone Number - Displays the ShoreTel Sky phone number associated with the user's profile.
    • Email - Displays the primary email address associated with the user.
    • DM, PM, BC, EC, TC (Authorized Contacts) - Check marks in these columns indicate the Authorized Contact roles that are assigned to a subset of the users.
  3. To find a desired user, you can filter your view of data displayed on the screen by doing the following:
    • Users - To find a specific user, type search criteria in the Contact Name, Service/Phone Name, Phone Number, Email, and Search fields (or sort users by clicking any of the column headings).
    • Locations - To view users from a particular location, select the desired address from the "All locations" drop-down menu (located above the column headings).
    • Authorized Contacts - To view users by Authorized Contact role type, click the desired check box below the column headings to view DM (Decision Makers), PM (Phone Managers), BC (Billing Contacts), EC (Emergency Contacts), and TC (Technical Contacts).
  4. When you find the desired user, click to highlight the user's row in the tabular screen and then do any of the following:
    • Manage Users - Right-click and select any of the following options in the pop-up menu that appears:
    • View and Edit Contact Information - Click a linked name in the Contact Name column to open the Contact tab in the Personal Information screen where you can access the following:
      • Log In - Provides the following:
        • Username - View (and edit for Decision Makers and Phone Managers). Note that the username is required to log into the ShoreTel Sky Portal to access the Team, Organization, and Phone System menus.
        • Last Log In - Displays the date and time of the last log in.
        • Password - Can be changed by clicking the Change Password button.
      • Contact Information - Displays name, title, email, and phone information associated with the contact.
      • Location - Location can be edited only when a contact has no phone profile. After a profile is assigned to a contact, which changes the contact to a "user," changing the location requires contacting ShoreTel Sky Support to "Move User" to a new location.
      • My Services - Accessible to Decision Makers and account-level Phone Managers to view all of the phone profiles, Add-on Features, and other ShoreTel Sky services that are associated with the selected user.
      • Add a Feature - Accessible to Decision Makers and account-level Phone Managers to add more services to a phone profile associated with the selected user. See the Add Services to Users or Profiles section below for useful related information.
    • View and Manage Roles and Permissions - For Decision Makers and account-level Phone Managers, click a linked name in the Contact Name column to open the Personal Information screen, then click the Roles and Permissions tab to access the following. For more information and instructions, see the Roles and Permissions Tab section of the Personal Information article.
      • Roles - Provides a place to view, add, edit, and delete the Authorized Contact roles associated with the selected contact or user.
      • Permissions - Provides a place to view the Permissions associated with the "Authorized Contact" Role(s) that have been granted to the selected contact or user.
    • View and Manage Notification Preferences - ShoreTel Sky sends notification emails to Decision Makers, Phone Managers, and Billing Contacts when certain types of activities occur within their ShoreTel Sky account. These Authorized Contacts can manage the frequency at which they receive notification emails by selecting the desired value from the associated drop-down menus in the Notification Preferences tab of the Personal Information screen. For more information and instructions, see the Notification Preferences Tab section of the Personal Information article.
    • View and Edit Phone Settings - Click a linked name in the Service/Phone Name column to open the Phone Settings screen where you can access the following settings by tab:
      • Phone tab - See the following settings and related feature articles for more information:
      • Voicemail tab - For all voicemail features, see the Voicemail Management article for more information.
      • Call Routing tab - For call screening and call routing information, see the Call Screening article. For call forwarding information, see the Call Forwarding article.
      • Line Buttons tab - For managing line buttons, see the Line Button Management article for more information.
      • Emergency Location tab - For managing E911 emergency locations, see the Emergency Registration Locations article for more information.
      • Time of Day tab - See the Time of Day article for more information. (This feature is only available to a limited number of Authorized Contacts who have been enabled to control Time of Day call flow settings from the Time of Day tab.)

Add User

Decision Makers and Phone Managers can add new users and new contacts to their account, which includes the ability to add hardware (new, used, or rental phone) and additional services to the new user or contact. Note that location-based Phone Managers can only add new users or new contacts to their assigned locations. For more information, see our Add User article, which has instructions to Add New User and Add New Contact.

If you currently make custom configuration requests when adding new users, see our Support Cases article to submit these requests directly to ShoreTel Sky Support.

Add Services to Users or Profiles

Decision Makers and account-level Phone Managers can add new services to an existing user, and in some instances an existing phone profile (without an associated contact). Note that a Managed Profile is required for adding most services. See the Add-on Features and Application Integration Solutions articles for information about the services that can be added to a managed profile.

Add Services to Users - You can add new services to an existing user in the following two ways:

Add Services to Profiles - To add new services to an existing phone profile that does not have an associated contact (no person, just a phone), see the following subset of Add-on Features articles and follow the "Add Users" instructions in each article (provided the desired service has already been activated):

Note that the difference between adding services to an existing user or a profile (without a contact) is transparent. You will be able to add services to a phone profile in the exact same manner that you add services to a user. In fact, the user interfaces for all of the individual Add-on Features services will continue to provide menu options and wizards that enable you to add services based on the desired Name and Phone Number. Just make a note of the phone number for the desired profile and search for that number when adding new services.

Edit User

A "user" is a combination of a "contact" (personal information, active services, roles and permissions) plus a "phone profile" (phone number, user license, and associated settings). Authorized Contacts can edit the contact information, active services, and roles for a user or contact in the Personal Information screen, and edit the phone profile settings for a user or phone profile in the Phone Settings screen. For more information, see the Edit User article.

Delete User

To delete (close) a user or the phone profile associated with a user, an Authorized Contact can create a Support Case to communicate the name, phone number, and email address associated with the existing user or profile to ShoreTel Sky Support. The Account Invoices article provides the Profile Cancellation Policy.

Note that the Reassign feature can be a useful and cost-effective alternative to deleting a user or phone profile now and creating new users in the future. Consider reassigning a user or profile to another user or contact to avoid unnecessary fees associated with closing phone lines and user licenses.

Reassign User

The "Reassign" feature enables Authorized Contacts (Decision Makers and Phone Managers), via a request to ShoreTel Sky Support, to reassign a subset of the attributes associated with an existing user to another user or contact. This feature provides a way to reassign existing phone numbers, profiles, and/or active services to new or existing employees as an alternative to creating new users. For more information about reassigning a user, see the Reassign article.

Swap Profile

The Swap Profile feature enables Authorized Contacts (Decision Makers and Phone Managers) to change a user's existing phone profile from one type to another. Phone profile types include Managed, Virtual, Courtesy, and Analog. The Phone Profile Types article provides a complete description of the characteristics and capabilities of each type of profile. For more information about swapping a profile for an existing user, see the Swap Profile article.

Unassigned Profiles and Contacts

If a phone profile exists without an associated contact, the Contact Name column of the Users screen displays "Unassigned." If a personal "contact" exists without an associated phone profile, the Service/Phone Name column of the Users screen displays "Unassigned." To assign contact information to an unassigned phone profile or to assign a phone profile to an unassigned contact, an Authorized Contact can create a Support Case to communicate the necessary information to ShoreTel Sky Support. Just provide the name, phone number, and/or email address of the existing phone profile or contact that is "Unassigned" along with the missing attribute(s) required to make that phone profile or contact a complete "user." To assign an "Unassigned" phone profile, provide the new or existing contact information to which the phone profile should be assigned. To assign an "Unassigned" contact, indicate whether you want a new phone number or existing phone profile assigned to the contact.

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