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Phone Assistant Troubleshooting


The General Troubleshooting section below provides information to troubleshoot issues related to running the Phone Assistant application in the ShoreTel Sky phone system.

General Troubleshooting

Unable to Run/Install Program

If an error is encountered stating that the program cannot be run/installed, the following steps should be utilized to enable Java temporary files: 

  1. Open the Java Control Panel through the Windows Control Panel
  2. Within the "General" tab's "Temporary Internet Files" section, click "Settings..."
  3. Check the "Keep temporary files on my computer" box
  4. Click "OK"
  5. Click "Apply", and then "OK" to exit the Java Control Panel
  6. Re-run the Phone Assistant application


  1. Uninstall Phone Assistant through the Control Panel
  2. Delete Java Cache and Temporary Files
    • Open the Java Control Panel through the Windows Control Panel
    • Click "Settings" under "Temporary Files"
    • Click "Delete Files"
    • Close all Java Control Panel windows
  3. Delete Phone Assistant log and config files in your user directory
    • Windows XP - The Phone Assistant log can be found in C:\Documents and Settings\username
    • Windows Vista, Windows 7 and higher - The Phone Assistant log and config file can be found in C:\Users\username
  4. Download and install the latest version of Java from Oracle here.
  5. Download and install the latest version of Phone Assistant through the ShoreTel Sky Portal.
  6. Log into Phone Assistant with phone number and voicemail password


If problems persist, repeat the steps above and reset the application

Note: This will remove ALL user settings and return Phone Assistant to defaults


If the above steps do not work, contact the ShoreTel Sky Support team to communicate the following information:

Mac Gatekeeper Issue

When installing Phone Assistant on a newly upgraded Mac computer, the Mac's Gatekeeper feature blocks applications that are not properly "signed" or are not from the Mac App Store. If Gatekeeper blocks your use of Phone Assistant, use the following link to access the Apple web site to learn how to work around this issue:

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