ShoreTel Sky Contact Center Release Notes


The Version 1.3.5 release of the ShoreTel Sky Contact Center introduces three new ways for Contact Center supervisors to better monitor and coach their agents:

New Features

Agent Performance "Group Summary" Report

The Agent Performance report now provides two reporting options via the new "View" drop-down menu. The existing report can be viewed by selecting the "Individual Summary" option. The new report can be viewed by selecting the "Group Summary" option. The new Group Summary report provides a single row of summary data for each selected agent over a specified range of dates or selected time frame. This report enables you to easily compare performance data for individual agents.

The Group Summary report provides the following data items for the reporting time period that is selected:

A "Show/Hide Away Reasons" button enables you to show or hide the duration and percentage of time that each agent spent in each of the configured away states. Additional columns of data can be appended to the right of the Avg Talk Time column. Typical away states include Break, E-Case Management, End of Call Work, End of Shift, Lunch, Meeting, Outbound Call, Peer Coaching, Training, and Unauthorized Break - No Answer.

Reporting Time Frames

When selecting criteria to view a report, you can now select a value from the new Time Frame drop-down menu, which provides three options - Day, Week, and Month. These options enable reporting over the recurring time periods of the last day, last week, or last month. When you save a report with one of these Time Frame values, the report will automatically retrieve data for the selected time period whenever viewed again in the future.

Previously, reporting for a specific time period could only be achieved by manually selecting a start date and end date.

Exporting Recordings

You can now export (download) multiple recordings. To enable this feature, please contact ShoreTel Sky support.

To export recordings, navigate to the History > Calls Search menu, enter and select search criteria to find the desired calls and click the "Search" button. When you find the desired calls, click the "Export Recording" button. A pop-up dialog will appear within the application defining the approximate size of the download while also providing a list of recordings that cannot be downloaded. Follow the prompts to complete the download and then save the recordings to your computer or other file storage location. Up to 4,000 recordings may be downloaded at one time.

Prior to this release, only one recording at a time could be downloaded.

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