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Mitel for Salesforce version 5.3 - New Features


Salesforce has introduced a new user interface called "Lightning." This version of Mitel for Salesforce is now compatible with the revised Open CTI framework for Lightning.

Lightning integration features are the same as on the Classic and Console pages with the following exceptions:

Note:  The Lightning pages require the integration to run in HTTPS (SSL encrypted mode).  This is supported natively on Mitel Connect, but not on ST14.x.  If you are running an ST14.x system, you must upgrade to Connect to use the integration on Lightning pages.  The integration will continue to work as is on Classic and Console pages for both ST13/14 and Connect.

The integration has been redesigned to allow users to have as many browser tabs open in Salesforce as they wish.  Previous versions limited the number of browser tabs to 6-7.

This new option ensures that the entry in Activity History is made immediately when the call ends for reporting and dashboard purposes.  But it also keeps the log open in edit mode so that the user can add notes, select a call result, etc. without having to manually reopen the Call Log.

This new option makes the Call Log association(s) stay static when the user clicks to dial even if they change pages.  They can also keep the associations static on both incoming and outgoing calls.  This overrides the default behavior that dynamically associates the Call Log to the contact and/or account/opportunity/case/etc. that is displayed in the main window.

This option will trigger the search and pop process only if a call is answered.  This supports use cases where the call rings on multiple phones simultaneously.  In these cases, only the user that answers the call should receive a screen pop. 

This option will cause the integration to automatically create a new case for each call received.  The configuration allows the user to populate some of the fields on the new case.

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