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ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Fax is an email-to-fax service. With ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Fax, users receive incoming faxes in their email Inbox and send outbound faxes as email attachments.

If you are a Decision Maker or Phone Manager, see Managing ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Fax for information about managing ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Fax for your account.

ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Fax includes the following features:

ShoreTel Fax Server Content Retention Policy: Faxes sent through the ShoreTel Fax system are stored on the server for up to 30 days before being deleted. This system is protected by various layers of security, including a firewall.

Sending a Fax

You can use ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Fax to send a fax via email. For information about the cover page included with your fax, see Using a Cover Page.

  1. Compose an email message addressed to one of the following, depending on your account location:
    • US/Canada:
    • UK:
    • Australia:
  2. Format the fax number as follows:
    • country code + area/city code + number; see the table below for examples

      The country code for the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean is "1"

    • use digits only; do NOT use dashes
  3. Attach the file(s) you want to fax; see Attaching Documents for more information.
  4. Click Send.

Faxing to

Faxing from (account location)

Example fax numbers


U.S., Canada, or the Caribbean


Always use "1" plus the area code and fax number, even if you are faxing to a local number.

All other countries


Always begin the fax number with the country code. Do not use the country's international calling access code of "011" or "00." The example to the left is for sending a fax to Japan, where the country code is "81".

NOTE: If attempts to send faxes to international fax numbers are not successful, contact ShoreTel Support.

Using a Cover Page

The following sections explain what happens when the cover page option is selected or not selected.

Note that the cover page option is labeled differently, depending on the level at which it is set.

Setting Location

Setting Label

Edit Account Fax Settings

Include a cover page with your fax

Add ShoreTel Fax User

Include Cover

ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Fax Settings (account level)


Cover Page Option Is Selected

When the cover page option is selected for a user, a system generated cover page is included as the first page of each fax. A fax cover page consists of the date, the user's email address, the number of pages in the fax, and the following sections, which are populated from the content in the email that is used to send the fax:

If you type a lot of text in the email, the Comments will continue on a second cover page. Any document that you attach, such as a Word doc, Excel file, or JPEG image, will follow the cover page; each document will start on a new page. If you do not include any text in your email, the cover page is still included, but the Comments area is not populated.

Cover Page Option Is Not Selected

If the cover page option is not selected, a system-generated cover page is not included with each fax. Not using the system-generated cover page enables you to include a custom cover page attachment. However, to ensure that your custom cover page appears as the first page of the fax, include only one attachment per fax. The ShoreTel Fax system uses the first page of the attachment as the fax cover page.

When a fax contains multiple attachments, the order in which files are attached to the email is random. The system may use the first page of an attachment that is not intended to be the first attachment and does not contain the cover page. For example, if you attach three PDF files (files A, B, and C) to an email, and you intend for the first page of file A to be the cover page, the system may attach file B first and use the first page of that file as the cover page. Therefore, if you need to use a custom cover page and must include multiple attachments, send a separate fax for each attachment.

Attaching Documents

You can attach as many documents and other files as you want to the email you are faxing, just as you do when attaching documents to regular emails. Here are some tips to facilitate successful faxing:

Supported Document Types

NOTE: If you need to use ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Fax to send a file that is not a supported document type, it is recommended that you save (or print) the file to PDF format, and then fax the PDF.

Document Type


Adobe (.pdf)


Web (.htm, .html, .xml, .xsl)


Images (.jpeg, .png, .gif)


Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx)


Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)


Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)


Microsoft Word for Mac


Plain Text (.txt)


PostScript (.ps)


Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)


Printer Control Language (.pcl)


Rich Text Format (.rtf)


Tagged Image File Format (.tiff)


Using Your Email Address Book for Faxing

ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Fax enables you to use any existing email address book to store frequently used fax numbers, as explained below:

  1. Create an address book entry with a distinct name that indicates the message is going out as a fax; for example, "Janet's Fax".

    If Janet already has a traditional email address stored in your address book, the entry "Janet's Fax" helps you easily differentiate between Janet’s email address and fax number, and you can decide whether to send the email to one or the other or both.

  2. For the email address, type the recipient’s fax number followed by one of the following, depending on your account location:
    • US/Canada: (for example,
    • UK: (for example,
    • Australia: (for example,

    See Sending a Fax for information about formatting the fax email address.

    To send a fax to this person, just compose an email and send it to their "fax" email address using the “fax” address book entry you created. For example, send your email to "Janet's Fax" to reach her fax machine.

TIP: You can send a fax to a person's fax number and email address at the same time by adding both addresses in the "To:" area of your fax email.

Fax Retry Schedules

The ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Fax service makes several attempts to deliver your fax to overcome common delivery obstacles such as busy signals, fax machines that ring but do not answer, and so on. This is done automatically by the ShoreTel Fax network at no extra cost to you. On the standard fax retry schedule, the ShoreTel Fax network attempts delivery for approximately 15 minutes before ceasing attempts and emailing a non-delivery notice describing the problem that the network encountered.

Supported Languages

The current version of ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Fax supports email text and documents in English, plus the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Baltic
  • Central European
  • Chinese--Simplified
  • Chinese--Traditional
  • Cyrillic
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Unicode
  • Vietnamese
  • Western European

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