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Managing Connect CLOUD Call Recording


Connect CLOUD Call Recording enables call recording for users. Users can record telephone calls and then search for, play, and download call recordings from the call recording portal. By default, call recordings are available on the call recording portal for one year. For information about longer-term external storage of call recordings, see Managing Connect CLOUD Archiving.

Contact Mitel Support to activate and configure Connect CLOUD Call Recording for your account.

Using Connect CLOUD Call Recording

If Connect CLOUD Call Recording has been enabled for you, you can record calls and conference calls from your IP phone. You can also access the call recording portal where you can view and export a list of your recordings as well as listen to and download recordings.

Recording Calls

You can start and stop call recording by pressing a programmed button on your phone. For information about programming phone buttons, see Editing Programmable Buttons.

Accessing Your Recordings

You can view a list of all your recordings from the call recording portal. For more information about using the call recording portal, see Accessing Connect CLOUD Call Recordings.

To access the call recording portal:

  1. Log in to the Connect Portal.
  2. On the Home menu, under Settings, click Call Recording.

    The call recording portal opens and you are signed in automatically.

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