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Using Connect CLOUD Scribe


Connect CLOUD Scribe provides transcriptions of voicemail messages. The transcribed voicemail messages are sent in an email along with a .wav audio file.

NOTE: This article applies to Connect CLOUD customers. For information about voicemail transcription for ShoreTel Sky customers, see ShoreTel Sky Scribe.

If you are a Decision Maker or Phone Manager, see Managing Connect CLOUD Scribe for information about managing Connect CLOUD Scribe for your account.

With Connect CLOUD Scribe, you can do the following:

The following process takes place when you have Connect CLOUD Scribe enabled.

NOTE: The message indicator light on your Mitel phone remains illuminated after a voicemail message has been transcribed.

  1. A caller leaves a message in your voicemail box.
  2. The first 90 seconds of the message are transcribed by the Scribe service.

    See Transcription Processing Time for information about the processing time for Connect CLOUD Scribe.

  3. An email containing the following is delivered to your business email address:
    • A .wav audio file attachment for listening to the complete voicemail message
    • A transcription of the first 90 seconds of the voicemail message
    • A message summary showing the following:
      • From - name and phone number of the caller
      • To - name and phone number of the called party
      • Time - day of the week, date, time, and time zone for the call
      • Duration - length of the voicemail message
    • Month-to-date usage statistics showing the number of messages and the amount of time for transcribed messages in the format of: hh:mm:ss

    NOTE: The message indicator light on your Mitel phone remains illuminated after a voicemail message has been transcribed.

Transcription Processing Time

Every message is initially processed by automated software. However, if a certain percentage of words are not recognized by the automated processing software, the message is sent to a person for manual transcription processing. The approximate processing time required for the Connect CLOUD Scribe voicemail transcription service is as follows:

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