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Configuring Call History Privacy


The Mitel system tracks all call activity and creates call detail records. The call detail records are available in the Usage Log and can also be exported using the CDR Data Export API. However, there are some situations that require calls not be tracked and that no records of calls be kept. For example, a high-level executive may require that all calls from their phones are private and not tracked in the Mitel Connect CLOUD phone system.

NOTE: The Call History Privacy feature only impacts call tracking within the Mitel phone system. Calls to external numbers may generate call records on the recipient’s phone system and trunk calls may generate records with the carriers connecting the calls.

Call History Privacy provides users with an entirely private environment for their phones. When Call History Privacy is enabled, calls are not tracked or recorded in the call detail records. In addition, the calls are not available on the phone redial or shown in the Connect client call history.

NOTE: Call History Privacy is not supported on SIP or Analog phones.

To use Call History Privacy, the user must be a member of a user group that has the telephony setting Show call history disabled. For information on creating and editing user groups, see Managing User Groups.

To enable Call History Privacy for a user group:

  1. Log in to the Connect Portal.
  2. On the Phone System menu, click User Groups.
  3. Right-click the name of the user group for which you want to enable Call History Privacy, and then click Edit.
  4. On the Telephony Settings panel, clear the Show call history check box.

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