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Swapping Connect CLOUD Profile Types


If you are a Connect CLOUD Decision Maker or Phone Manager for your account, you can change the Connect Standard Profile type assigned to an existing phone profile. The following profile types are available:

  • Essentials CLOUD
  • Standard CLOUD
  • Advanced CLOUD
  • Telephony CLOUD
  • Courtesy CLOUD

Watch the following video for a demonstration on how to swap profile types.

NOTE: For information about changing the phone number or extension for a user, see Changing the Phone Number or Extension for a User.

Upgrading a profile may enable you to add new services to the profile. For example, swapping from an Essentials CLOUD profile to an Advanced CLOUD profile is an upgrade.

Downgrading a profile may force the removal of existing services that are not supported by the new profile type. For example, swapping from an Advanced CLOUD profile to an Essentials CLOUD or Courtesy CLOUD profile is a downgrade.

NOTE: If a one-time non-recurring charge (NRC) line item appeared on your invoice for the original phone profile, you will not be charged another one-time NRC when swapping that profile to another profile type.

To swap a profile type:

  1. Log in to the Connect Portal.
  2. On the Phone System menu, click Users.
  3. Right-click in the row that contains the user whose profile type you want to change, and then click Swap.

    The Swap Product dialog box appears.

  4. Under Current Phone, verify the user’s name, current profile type, and add-on features.
  5. Under New Product Type, in the Product Type list, select the desired new profile type for the user.

    The price of the new profile type is displayed in the Product Price field.

  6. (Optional) In the Enabled column of the Add-On grid, select the check box for any additional features you want to add for the user.  

    The add-on features available depend on the new profile type selected. The price for each add-on feature is displayed in the Comment column. If an add-on feature was enabled for the user that is not available for the new profile type, this information is displayed in the Comment column as well.

  7. Click Next.
  8. In the Summary panel, verify the displayed information and then click Finish.

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