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Using Silent Monitor


Silent Monitor enables a supervisor to monitor a user’s calls. The supervisor hears the other call participants, but the call participants do not hear the supervisor. Monitoring is undetectable by the parties being monitored, except for an optional warning tone.

Silent Monitor cannot be initiated with a user who is on a conference call. If monitoring is already in progress, no one else can monitor the call.

The ability of a user to initiate or receive Silent Monitoring is determined by the user group that the user is assigned to. For information about enabling Silent Monitor for a user group, see Managing User Groups.

WARNING: Mitel does not warrant or represent that your use of call monitoring or recording features of the Software will be in compliance with local, state, federal, or international laws that you may be subject to. Mitel is not responsible for ensuring your compliance with all applicable laws.

Initiating Silent Monitor

To initiate Silent Monitor, press the phone button that is configured for Silent Monitor.

See Editing Programmable Buttons for information about configuring programmable buttons.

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