Using Whisper Page


Whisper Page enables a user to join a call on another extension and speak to the person without the other call participant hearing. The other call participant does not hear the initiator and the initiator does not hear the other call participant.

Example: You are on a call with a client when another client arrives in the lobby for an appointment with you. The administrative assistant knows that you are on a call and uses the Whisper Page feature to interrupt the call to announce that someone is waiting for you in the lobby. You hear the voice of the administrative assistant and the client at the same time, but neither of them can hear the other.

Both the operator and the internal user hear a tone when the Whisper Page call is connected. The tone is the same as the tone for the Intercom feature.

To receive a Whisper Page call, the internal user must be on a ShoreTel IP phone. If a Whisper Page call is sent to any other phone (SoftPhone), the call will be treated as an intercom call.

If a Whisper Page call is sent to a phone that is not on an active call, the feature behaves the same as an intercom call.

The Whisper Page feature does not work if the internal party is on a three-way conference call.

No other call operations can be performed on a Whisper Page call, except to hang up the call. For example, the Whisper Page call cannot be put on hold, transferred, parked, and so on.

The ability of a user to initiate or receive a Whisper Page call is determined by the user group that the user is assigned to. For information about enabling Whisper Page for a user group, see Managing User Groups.

Initiating Whisper Page

To initiate Whisper Page, press the phone button that is configured for Whisper Page.

■ If the button is programmed with a specific user extension, the system immediately initiates a Whisper Page call to that user.

■ If the button is not programmed with a specific user extension, dial the desired recipient’s extension on the phone when prompted.

See Editing Programmable Buttons for information about configuring a programmable button for Whisper Page.

Using Whisper Page Mute

While on a Whisper Page call, the internal user can mute the audio channel to the original caller and respond to the Whisper Page initiator without the other call participant hearing. This is done by pressing a phone button that is programmed for Whisper Page Mute. See Editing Programmable Buttons for information about configuring programmable buttons.

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