Configuring Shared Call Appearances


The Shared Call Appearance (SCA) feature provides call appearances that are shared between multiple users. Once SCA is enabled for a user, IP programmable buttons can be configured on another user's phone to enable that user to monitor the SCA extension from their own phone.

For example, an assistant can monitor an executive’s SCA to facilitate call handling needs by making or answering calls on behalf of the executive. Using this example, SCA provides the following functionality directly from the assistant's phone:

For information about configuring a user's IP programmable buttons to view SCA extension, see Configuring Associated Bridged Call Appearances.

Watch the following video for a demonstration on how to enable SCA.

When SCA is enabled for a user, the user’s programmable IP phone buttons are automatically configured for SCA; each regular call appearance converts to an SCA. The SCA call stack positions are automatically set and are not manually configurable. However, call stack positions are automatically reordered if an IP phone button is configured for another feature either before or after enabling SCA.


Enabling a Shared Call Appearance

Once SCA is enabled for a user, a Bridged Call Appearance (BCA) is created for the SCA extension. You can then configure another user’s IP programmable phone button with the BCA, allowing the user to monitor calls to the SCA extension. This type of BCA is an Associated Bridged Call Appearance (aBCA); for information about configuring aBCA for a user, see Configuring Associated Bridged Call Appearances.

NOTE: You must have available programming numbers on your account to enable SCA. If additional programming numbers are needed for your account, contact ShoreTel Support.

  1. Log in to the ShoreTel Connect Portal.
  2. On the Phone System menu, click Users.
  3. In the Service/Phone Name column, click the service/ phone name for the user for whom you want to enable SCA.

    The Phone Settings page for the selected user is displayed.

  4. On the Phone tab, under Features, click the current setting next to Shared Call Appearance.

    NOTE: SCA is not compatible with Hunt Groups. When SCA is enabled for a user, the user is automatically removed from any Hunt Groups to which they were previously added.

  5. Select Enabled.

    The SCA extension is assigned automatically. If desired, you can change this extension to another available programming extension.

  6. Click to save your changes.

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