Product Support Changes for Ingate SIParator Product Line

Extended Summary


This bulletin announces changes to the support process for the Ingate SIParator line of Session Border Controller products.
This applies to the SIParator 21, SIParator 52 and the Software SIParator models as well as models previously sold by ShoreTel i.e. SIParator 19, 20, 50, 51 and 56 and the Software SIParator.

Details of Change

Partners and or Customers who are experiencing technical issues with the Ingate SIParator following its acceptance and successful operation must contact ShoreTel Technical support who will triage the problem. If the problem is deemed to be on the Ingate product, a warm transfer will be done to Ingate Technical Support and if that is not possible, Ingate’s direct support contact information will be provided along with the ShoreTel case number and any other relevant information
What this means for ShoreTel Partners and Enterprise Customers, is more efficient communication with the Ingate Help Desk if ShoreTel Technical Support is not able to resolve the issue. This will optimize the time to resolution for field issues pertaining to the Ingate product line installed in conjunction with the on premise ShoreTel Unified Communication solution.
Note: This procedure only applies to Day 2 support issues (i.e. the ShoreTel and Ingate equipment has previously been found operational and accepted).
If Ingate is requested to provide first time installation support or e.g. connecting a new ITSP, charge for this assistance will apply.

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