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ShoreTel Connect HYBRID Sites is an add-on feature that allows users from coordinated ShoreTel Connect ONSITE and ShoreTel Connect CLOUD systems to use a consolidated directory and four-digit extension dialing across sites.

Connect HYBRID Sites allows one Connect ONSITE system to connect to a Connect CLOUD system via SIP tie trunks. Coordination of extension dialing and directory across CLOUD and ONSITE sites is accomplished through ShoreTel HYBRID Synchronization, a service that synchronizes applications and sites. While multiple ShoreTel Connect ONSITE and Connect CLOUD sites can be linked, only one ONSITE site may have a trunk group for Connect HYBRID Sites. All traffic converges into this site to use the trunk group configured for Connect HYBRID Sites, but this trunk group may be allocated to ports on more than one dedicated switch.

You configure sites, switches, and users in ShoreTel Connect ONSITE systems through ShoreTel Connect Director. You provision ShoreTel Connect CLOUD users through the Connect CLOUD Portal, and ShoreTel staff provisions trunk groups and trunks in the ShoreTel Connect Portal as part of the HYBRID Sites activation process. All users defined in the Connect ONSITE and Connect CLOUD systems configured for HYBRID services are automatically included in Connect HYBRID Sites.

Implementation Process

The process for implementing Connect HYBRID Sites involves the following high-level steps:

  1. Contact your partner, ShoreTel Sales, or your ShoreTel account manager to place an order for a telephony-enabled CLOUD account (if you don't already have one) and for the Connect HYBRID Sites add-on feature.

  2. Work with a ShoreTel representative to review and verify the requirements described in Requirements Overview for Connect HYBRID Services to ensure that your Connect ONSITE and Connect CLOUD systems are prepared to activate Connect HYBRID Sites.

  3. ShoreTel staff enables and verifies the Connect HYBRID Synchronization service, which synchronizes users across the Connect ONSITE and CLOUD systems.

  4. ShoreTel staff activates the Connect HYBRID Sites add-on feature and works with you to verify proper operation across the systems.

  5. To monitor ongoing operations for Connect HYBRID Sites, use the Maintenance > HYBRID pages in ShoreTel Connect Director.

  6. If you want to change any settings for HYBRID Sites or disable the feature, contact ShoreTel staff to implement your requests.

Articles about Connect HYBRID Sites

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