Updating ShoreTel 400-Series IP Phones to Communicate with a Connect CLOUD System


If your phone displays the "Cloud credentials" window, you do not need to use this procedure. Simply enter your credentials (the country code plus DID number and voicemail password) to log into the phone.

If your phone displays anything other than "Cloud credentials," use the following procedure:

  1. Do one of the following:
  1. Press and release the MUTE button and then dial 73887# (SETUP#) on the phone interface.

  2. Enter the password (1234) and press the OK soft key.

  3. Scroll down to Services and press the Open soft key.

  4. Select Config server and press the Edit soft key.

  5. Toggle the key pad to alpha mode by pressing the 1 -> aA soft key so that it changes to a ->A1.
  6. In the Config server 1 field, use the key pad to enter update.sky.shoretel.com. (Use the * key for .)​

  7. Press the Back soft key.

  8. Press the Back soft key again.

  9. Press the Apply soft key.

The phone displays its progress as it completes the update process.

  1. When the Cloud credentials pop-up window (for an example, see the IP485g image below) is displayed, enter your country code plus DID number and your voicemail password.

Cloud credentials window

  1. Press the OK soft key.

Article: 000011726