ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Mobility


ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Mobility extends voice and unified communications (UC) applications to mobile devices, which enables you to utilize your own mobile device for both business and personal phone calls. ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Mobility empowers you to leverage a single converged device for both business and personal communications, and access desk phone and UC capabilities on your smart phone or other mobile device without having to learn a new interface. For more information, refer to the ShoreTel Connect Mobility documentation.

For information about enabling ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Mobility for users on your account, see Managing ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Mobility.

Download and Installation

To download and install ShoreTel Connect for Android or ShoreTel Connect for iOS (ShoreTel Mobility client), use the link below for your type of mobile device:


If the Provisioning screen does not appear automatically when the ShoreTel Mobility app is installed and opened, navigate to Settings > Advanced > Provisioning on your phone.
Note: Press the Accept button to continue when the Emergency Call Warning pop-up message appears.

  1. Provide the following information in the Mobility app Provisioning screen:

  1. Click the Next button to display the user information.
  2. Click Next to provision the device successfully.

Supported Devices and OS

For the list of supported devices and OS, see Chapter 2, Device Support in the ShoreTel Connect Mobility Router Platform Support Guide.



Q: Even when the Mobility application is not active, incoming calls to my business number continue to ring my mobile phone. Can I turn that off?
A: Yes, you can set the Mobility app to Do Not Ring Mobility to prevent calls to your business number from ringing your mobile phone. To change the Do Not Ring Mobility setting, navigate to Settings > Preferences > Call Handling > Do Not Ring Mobility, and then select the desired option (On or Off).

Q: Can I use my Mobility license on more than one mobile device?
A: Yes, you can use a single Mobility license on up to three mobile devices at once. To activate multiple devices, create a Support Case to submit your request to the ShoreTel Support team.

Q: Can I make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi connection?
A: Yes.

Q: Does ShoreTel offer a trial for the Mobility solution?
A: A trial for the Mobility solution is not available at this time.

Q: Will there be a version of ShoreTel Mobility for other mobile OS/devices?
A: Yes, the OS versions and devices supported by Mobility change with each release. For more information, see ShoreTel Connect Mobility Router Platform Support Guide.


Q: Can the ShoreTel Mobility application have a different ring tone from mobile calls?
A: No, you cannot change the ringtone for Mobility calls separately.

Q: How do I configure the ShoreTel Mobility application to only use the Wi-Fi network?
A: Do the following:

  1. Turn on Airplane Mode on your mobile device; select Settings > Airplane Mode.
  2. From the Home screen, turn on Wi-Fi; select Settings > Wi-Fi and then choose a network.
  3. On the ShoreTel Mobility application, select Settings > Preferences > Call Routing > select WiFi.

Q: I accidentally activated Siri, how do I turn off the "Hey Siri" option (formerly known as "Raise to speak")?
A: To turn off this feature, navigate to Settings > General > Siri and turn off the Allow "Hey Sire" setting.

Q: My company requires a lock code on my iPhone, so by the time I input my code to answer the Mobility call, the call usually goes to voicemail or hangs up before I can answer the call. Is that the expected behavior?
A: Yes. Calls that are forwarded to the ShoreTel Mobility app have already been ringing one or more times before connecting to your mobile phone. In ShoreTel Connect Director, you can configure the number of times your ShoreTel phone number rings before going to voicemail. To avoid callers hanging up, consider using a lock code that can be entered quickly.

Known Limitations/Issues

General Limitations

Apple iOS Limitations

Android Limitations

Bluetooth support for VoIP calling is not fully supported; you may observe unexpected behavior during VoIP calls when a Bluetooth audio device is connected.

ShoreTel Dates

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