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Creating Connect CLOUD Contact Center Historical Reports


This article includes information about using the Connect portal to create Connect CLOUD Contact Center historical reports.

Report Retention and Archive

Connect CLOUD Contact Center current historical reports are stored for three months. The reports are archived and the archived reports are stored for nine months.

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Article Contents

Refer to the following sections for details about each page in the wizard that leads you through creating reports:

Add Fields

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  1. Click Add.

  2. Type a Report Name and select a template in Base Report On.

  3. Select the fields in Other fields and click User-added image to add to the default fields for the template.

    Note:To select multiple fields, hold the shift key and click or press User-added image or User-added image on your keyboard.

To remove fields from a template, select the field and click User-added image.

  1. To rearrange the order of the fields in the report columns, select the field you want to move and click User-added image or User-added image to the right of the Fields in the report box. Moving a field up moves it to the left in the order of columns, and moving a field down moves it to the right in the order of columns.

Note: You cannot remove the default fields of the template. Also, you cannot change the default field order of the template.

  1. Click Next.

Add Entities

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  1. On the Entities page, select applicable entities. For example, if you have selected the Dial List template, select the appropriate dial list(s).

  2. To consolidate the list of entities you have selected, select Selected on Top in the drop-down field above the entities list. The remaining entities that you have not selected yet are in the alphabetical order below the list of selected entities.

  3. Click Next.

Add a Schedule

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  1. On the Schedule page, configure when the report is run. The options you configure on this page affect only the run time and not the days or times for which you collect information. For example, you could schedule a report that shows dial lists used between January 10 and January 15 to run on January 31.

Reports are sent after they are complete:

  1. Click the question mark to the right of this field to view the timezone the tenant is configured to use.

  1. Click Next.

Add Date and Time

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  1. On the Date and Time page, configure days or months and hours or minutes for which you want to run the report.

For example, if you have selected a Dial List report template and you specify five days and one day prior in the Date area, the report will generate information about the dial lists for the period beginning six days prior to the current date and ending one day prior to the current date. Similarly, if you specify ten hours and one hour prior in the Time area, the report will generate information about the dial lists for the period beginning eleven hours prior to the current time and ending one hour prior to the current time.

Tip: Use the up and down arrows to specify days, months, hours, and minutes. You cannot type in these fields.

  1. If you have selected the Run one time in the future or Run one time ASAP on the Schedule page, date range and time range options are available on the Date & Time page.

  2. When you select Report for date range(s) or Report for time range(s), the plus sign in the area below these options becomes available. Click the plus sign to display the Add Date Range or Add Time Range window. Specify the date and/or time From and To values in the appropriate window and click Add.

  3. Click Next.

Add File and Format

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  1. On the File and Format page, configure the report output:

  1. Click Next.

Add Delivery

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  1. On the Delivery page, configure how the report will be delivered:

  1. Click Finish to complete the report configuration.

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