Connect Telephone and Client User Guides


Click a link in the following table to access any phone model's User Guide in English. Click the "Documentation Set" link to access related documents, including translated documents in various languages.

Phone or Component User Guide in English

Link to Documentation Set

BB24 User Guide

BB24 Documentation

BB424 User Guide

BB424 Documentation

ShoreTel Connect Client User Guide

Connect Client Documentation

IP110 Phone User Guide

IP110 Phone Documentation

IP115 Phone User Guide

IP115 Phone Documentation

IP212k Phone User Guide

IP212k Phone Documentation

IP230/230g Phone User Guide

IP230g Phone Documentation

IP265 Phone User Guide

IP265 Phone Documentation

IP420/IP420g Phone User Guide

IP420/IP420g Phone Documentation

IP480/480g Phone User Guide

IP480/480g Phone Documentation

IP485g Phone User Guide

IP485g Phone Documentation

IP530/560/560g Phone User Guide


IP565g Phone User Guide


IP655 Phone User Guide

IP655 Phone Documentation

IP8000 Phone User Guide


IP930D Phone Handset User Guide

IP930D Phone Documentation

IP930D Base Station and Repeater User Guide

IP930D Phone Documentation


Voicemail Documentation


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