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Analog Telephone Adapters (Mitel Connect CLOUD)


Compared to VoIP phones, which connect to a packet switch network, analog phones and devices connect to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Most analog phones and devices are connected to POTS lines. Mitel Connect CLOUD does not support analog phones or devices; however, some ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) devices to which analog devices can be connected are supported. ATA devices are used to enable analog devices to communicate with the digital VoIP network.

Although any profile type can be used with analog phones and devices, Courtesy CLOUD and Telephony CLOUD profiles are recommended because of the lower monthly cost.
Mitel Connect CLOUD does NOT recommend or support the use of any ATA device as a solution for the following systems and devices (we recommend the use of POTS lines):

Mitel Connect CLOUD supports the following ATA devices for the specific purposes listed below:

NOTE: Not all Overhead Paging Systems or Door Buzzer Systems are compatible with the Grandstream HT503. Be sure to discuss with your IT partner or consultant to learn more information about device compatibility.

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