ShoreTel Teamwork for Mobile Overview


What Is Teamwork?

ShoreTel Teamwork is a collaboration mobile app for ShoreTel Connect CLOUD users. It provides a virtual place where teams can post messages, assign tasks, and share files. Instead of getting bogged down in email threads, your team can be nimble and productive.

You can get ShoreTel Teamwork from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store:

After installing the Teamwork app, you log in with the same Connect CLOUD credentials that you use to log in to your Connect portal. If you aren't sure of your Connect CLOUD credentials, ask your ShoreTel administrator.


The heart of Teamwork is a virtual gathering place known as a workspace. You can create a workspace for a large team, a small team, a special project, a lunch group, or anything you can imagine. Every message, task, and file added to the workspace appears in the workspace stream, so you can always stay current with the latest news for your project. You can also see who has joined the workspace or been added by another user.

Because everything posted to a Teamwork workspace is persistent, anyone who joins a workspace at any point can see all the previous chats, files, and tasks for that workspace. This helps new members of a team come up to speed quickly. All posted information and uploaded files are stored securely in the cloud.

Public workspaces can be joined by any users in your system. Private workspaces can be joined only by members who are added by another member of the private workspace. If you leave a private workspace, you won't be able to join again until a member of that private workspace adds you. If you are the last person to leave a private workspace, you are prompted to delete it, but it can be restored through the Connect portal.

With Teamwork's notifications, you can stay current on any activity that affects you. Even if the Teamwork app is not running, you are notified if you are mentioned, if a task is assigned to you, if someone completes or reopens a task assigned to you or that you created, or if you're added or removed from a workspace.


To send a message to your team, just type the message in the workspace and it automatically goes to all members of the workspace. You can call out specific people with @ mentions, and you can send an @ mention message to everyone in the workspace by including “@all” in the message. The targeted users will see these messages on the New and Mentions tabs in their My Dashboard.


You can give a task a due date and assign it to any member of a workspace, including yourself. You can also reopen and edit a task that another user has marked as complete. To keep track of the tasks assigned to you or someone else in your workspace, you can view all the tasks for a workspace from the Tasks tab, or you can view just the tasks assigned to you on the Tasks tab of My Dashboard.


File sharing is easy with Teamwork. You can share a  file with a workspace by uploading it from any cloud-enabled account, such as iCloud or Dropbox, that you can access from your device. You can share files of any type, including video, images, documents, or whatever type of file you need to share.

Cross-Launch ShoreTel Connect Mobility

If you want to call or instant-message someone in your workspace, you can cross-launch the ShoreTel Connect Mobility app if you have it installed and configured. This functionality is supported in the new ShoreTel Connect for iOS and ShoreTel Connect for Android apps as well as in the legacy ShoreTel Mobility app (build or above).    

Managing Teamwork Settings in the Connect Portal

You can view and manage various settings for Teamwork in the Connect portal:

For details about how to perform these tasks in the Connect portal, see Managing ShoreTel Teamwork.

Storage and Bandwidth Usage Policy

The Teamwork Application (the “Application”) provides users with the ability to share and store files on ShoreTel cloud servers. Users are expected to exercise reasonable judgment when using the Application based on the following "Recommended Usage" guidelines:

Recommended Usage

ShoreTel will actively monitor usage and storage. Use of the Application is contingent upon users following the "Recommended Usage" guidelines stated above. Excessive use of the Application and/or violation of the "Recommended Usage" by any customer will result in the deletion of any files stored in the Application and termination of such customer's account without prior written notice.

Supported Platforms and Devices

The Teamwork application is automatically enabled for user accounts in the Essential, Standard, and Advanced tiers. The application runs on the following iOS and Android mobile devices:


Operating System

Supported Devices

iOS 9.3 and above

  • iPhone 7

  • iPhone 7 Plus

  • iPhone 6S

  • iPhone 6S Plus

  • iPhone 6

  • iPhone 5SE

  • iPhone 5S

Android 6.x and above

  • Google Pixel
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+

  • Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Samsung S7 Edge

  • Samsung S7

  • Samsung S6 Edge

  • Samsung S6 

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  • Nexus 5X

  • Motorola Z


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