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Mitel Teamwork for Web Overview


What is Mitel Teamwork?

Mitel Teamwork is a collaborative web and mobile application designed for Mitel Connect CLOUD users. It provides a virtual place where team members can post messages and share files. Instead of getting bogged down in email threads, your team can be nimble and productive.

You can access Teamwork for Web at You can get Mitel Teamwork mobile app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Refer to the Teamwork for Mobile Overview article for more details about the mobile app. You can sign into Teamwork with your Mitel Connect CLOUD credentials. If you are not sure of your Connect CLOUD credentials, contact a Mitel administrator.

Supported Browsers

Mitel Teamwork for Web runs in the Mitel Connect CLOUD environment and supports the most up-to-date, official versions of the following browsers:


The core component of Teamwork for Web is a virtual gathering place known as a Workspace. You can create a workspace for a large team, a small team, or a special project.  All content posted to the workspace appears in the workspace stream, so you can always stay current with the latest updates from your team.

Public workspaces can be joined by all users. Private workspaces can be joined only when an existing member of the workspace adds a user. If you leave a private workspace, you will not be able to join again until a member of that private workspace adds you. If you are the last person to leave a private workspace, the workspace will be deleted.

When you select a workspace from the list, the workspace area opens on the right. As all the content posted to the workspace stream are persistent, anyone who joins a workspace at any point can see all the previous data of the workspace. This helps the newly joined team members to come up to speed quickly.


To send a message to your team, post the message to the workspace and it goes to all the members of that workspace. You can call out specific people with @ mentions, or you can include "@all" in your message to notify everyone in the workspace.


File sharing is easy with Teamwork. You can share files, including videos, images, and documents by uploading the files from your computer to any workspace. Files are uploaded one at a time and must not be larger than 20MB, but there is no limit to the number of files you can upload.

To view a file uploaded to a workspace, select the applicable workspace, and then click the link provided in the workstream. The file is displayed if the browser is able to display the file, else the file is downloaded.


You can rely on Teamwork notifications to stay current on any activity that affects you. When you are logged into Teamwork for web, you will be notified in the following scenarios:

Remember to configure your browser to display notifications to ensure  you are receiving Teamwork notifications. 


You can access Help from the Settings menu for more information about the Teamwork features and how-to use them.

Current Limitations of Teamwork for Web

Teamwork Mobile Features to be Supported on Web Version

Teamwork for Web, when complete, will support all the features which are currently supported only on the mobile app.

Teamwork for Web Training Video

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