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Mitel Hospitality Service Application (ST14 or prior/Connect ONSITE)

Extended Summary

The Mitel Hospitality Service application allows external property management systems to initiate user name, User Group, and CHM (Call Handling Mode) changes on their Mitel system. This can ensure, for example, when a hotel guest checks into a room, the guest’s name will appear on their Mitel room phone, the User Group of the phone will be changed to allow the desired calling access (i.e. to make external long distance calls), and the CHM set to “Standard”. When a guest checks out, the name on the phone can be reset to a generic name (e.g. “Room 234”), the User Group reset to “house phone” access, and CHM set so calls unconditionally forward to the desk

Requests to change the name/User Group/CHM of a Mitel user must be initiated by an external automated system such as a property management system. The Mitel Hospitality Service will not take any action on its own.


Mitel Platform Compatibility


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