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Mitel System Directory Synchronization Application (ST14 or prior/Connect ONSITE)

Extended Summary

The Mitel System Directory Synchronization (SDS) application is a batch process which synchronizes the Mitel system directory information between multiple separate Mitel systems. This allows the Dial-By-Name feature from the Directory button on the Mitel phone or QuickDialer in Communicator to have a complete directory of names and numbers from all the Mitel systems. Note: the auto-attendant Dial-By-Name feature only lists the users configured on the local system and will not list entries from the System Directory added from remote systems.

The SDS application works by exporting the local systems configuration to a specified directory. The exported information contains the names and extension numbers or DID numbers for Users, Auto-Attendants, Hunt Groups, Workgroups, and Bridged Call Appearances (BCA). Next, the SDS will access each remote system and import their exported configuration information into the System Directory. Finally, the Mitel services are notified to resynchronize with the database if changes were made to the database. Note: SDS should only be run during off-hours since re-synchronizing the Mitel services has an impact on system performance

Mitel Platform Compatibility


PLEASE NOTE:  We do not offer a trial on this application as it completes most of its work the first time it runs and subsequent runs just sync any changes.  This application is only available when purchased.

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