Troubleshooting Support Site and Case Access Issues


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How to Access Cases
User Interface Issues
Access Denied Error
You Are Already Logged In Error
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How to Access Support Cases

Detailed instructions regarding accessing Support Cases can be found in the following articles: 

User Interface Issues

The following issues can be indicative of a browser configuration issue: 

The following two steps resolve most user interface issues: 

  1. If using Internet Explorer, remove "Compatibility View" for all ShoreTel sites: 

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  1. Clear the browser's cache. Note that the example image below pertains to the Internet Explorer browser. Please refer to either the Help section of your chosen browser or your IT team to verify the correct steps to complete these actions for your specific browser version. 

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Access Denied Error

If an "Access Denied" error is encountered, refer to the instructions regarding clearing your browser's cache in Step 2 of the User Interface Issues section of this article.

If clearing the browser's cache does not resolve the issue, please make a note of the exact "Reason" text provided on the Accessed Denied page and contact the ShoreTel Support team for further assistance. Depending on your phone system, see the ShoreTel Sky Support or ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Support articles for more information.

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You Are Already Logged In Error

This error occurs when a user has a session currently active on the ShoreTel Support site and attempts to log in again. To resolve, please click on a hyperlink (e.g. - Support, Home, Cases, etc.) to confirm data can be accessed with no further errors.

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