Why is My Call Handling Mode Changing to Out of Office at Specific Times of the Day


There are two common possibilities.

1. There is a schedule applied causing your Call Handling Mode to Change.

From ShoreTel Communicator: 

2. Outlook Integration is Enabled

From ShoreTel Communicator: 

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If your screen looks identical to the attachment, Calendar Integration is enabled and should remain as such if you wish to change your call handling mode when in a meeting etc. Now it is recommended you modify your work hours in Microsoft Outlook.
From Outlook, open up your Calendar and Right Click on any date, as seen in Attachment 3 and select “Calendar Options”
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Next you will see the Work Time selection [see Attachment 4], modify your business hours as required.  Anything outside of your normal business hours will revert to your Out of Office Call Handling Mode.

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At certain consistent times you notice your phone changes from Standard Call Handling to Out of the Office.

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Attachment 3

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