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How to Setup DHCP Option 156 for Phones


DHCP Option 156 was not configured correctly. Please refer to the following steps below:

To set up DHCP option 156 for IP110/210/212k/530/560/560g (MGCP) telephones:

NOTE: The minimum amount of data that is required for MGCP phones in OPTION 156 is:  ftpservers=IP address of the server)
It is possible to configure two FTP servers for option 156.  Each parameter is enclosed in quotes, for example ftpservers=","  

To set up DHCP option 156 for 400 series IP phones

DHCP option 156 can include all the above parameters including configservers and ftpservers if a mix of MGCP and 400 series phones are installed
400 series phones will contact the server and download files using HTTP, not FTP



For more information please refer to the Mitel Installation Guide


The IP Phones Display shows No Service. Looking at the phone configuration, it is set for DHCP, however the phone is missing IP parameters.
Phones are intermittently rebooted and when they reset they go into a No Service condition. 

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