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Provisioning a "New User" on SMC (Mobility Client)


To provision a "New User" with the Mitel Mobility Client GUI

  1. Launch the Mobility Client (click on the icon "Mitel Mobility Client")

  2. Go to the app "Settings" tab

  3. Select the "Advanced" tab

  4. Select the "Provisioning" tab

  5. Select the "Accept" key for the "Emergency Call Warning" display message

    User-added image

  6. On the next screen, enter the SMR IP address (eth0 ip address) or the FQDN (fully qualified domain name)

  7. Enter the user name that you created for the SMR user (navigate to Configuration > Users > General tab), the user name is same as the User ID field.

  8. Check the box if they are going to be a "Local" user (this can be anything you want and does not have to match the PBX client profile), or leave unchecked if the user is AD integrated or would like to use AD credentials to register their client to the SMR. 

  9.  Enter the password which clients will use to register to the SMR.

    • If AD integrated, they will use the same username/password for all logins.

    • You can also have PBX AD integrated and still use a "local" password native to the SMR.  enter the password that you created for the above SMR user, which is the same as the Password field

    • If running as a local user, the username and passwords do not have to match PBX user information.  In most cases, it is helpful to use the same name to make it easier in configuring (ex. JSmith or however name is presented in PBX)

  10. The SMC (mobility client) will then search for the authenticated user with PBX. If you are provisioning remotely, as in remote WIFI or via Cell Data, you most likely will be prompted to enter the Remote Server IP Address and the port 443 (which is by default and is best practices).

Note: You can change the remote access port, but you will need to remember to configure your firewall accordingly to allow TCP and UDP traffic to pass.

Additional Procedures

A successfully provisioned SMC (Mitel Mobility Client) should look like the image below:

User-added image

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