Connect CLOUD - How to Page


The page feature is used to send an audio message directly to a subset of phones. This is different from intercom, whisper paging and overhead paging. Paging groups are configured in portal and assigned a partition unique extension.

Page from physical phone:

Send a paging message to a paging group requires the following steps:

  1. The paging group extension is dialed from a phone.
  2. The paging message is recorded, and the call is ended.
  3. The paging group server attempts to play the message on each affected extension.

Note: There is a page programmable option button. This does not work for Connect CLOUD. This feature creates a "speed dial" that goes directly to the overhead paging extension configured on HQ. Unlike the legacy ShoreTel Sky system, no star-code is needed before placing a page.

Delivering a Paging Message and Limitations:

Article: 000012439