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Server 2008 Setup and Installation Roles


Windows 2008 Roles
ShoreWare servers require IIS, COM+, QWAVE, SMTP and FTP. Other required Tasks include changing the SMTP and FTP startup type to automatic.
The following sections describe the selections required at pivotal steps in the installation process. These steps must be completed as a prerequisite to installing or upgrading the ShoreWare components discussed in this section.
NOTE: Windows Server 2008 must be activated through Microsoft before installing ShoreWare Server and Remote Server.

  1. Click the Server Manager icon on the task bar or select Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager

  2. In Server Manager right click Roles and select Add Roles from the pop-menu.
    NOTE: You can also click the Add Roles icon on the right pane

    User-added image
    Installation Windows Role Services

  3. In Add Roles Wizard, click Server Roles on the left pane

    User-added image
    Required Server Roles

  4. In the Roles pane, click Application Server and Web Server (IIS) 

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    Required Application Server Role Services

  1. Access the Server Manager

  2. Click on Server -> Add Role Services under Web Server (IIS)

    Web Server Role Services

NOTE: You may need to scroll down the Web Role Server  window to see all the available options.

Management Tools - select all Management Tools options
FTP Publishing Service - select all FTP Publishjing Service options
Microsoft Server Feature

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Selecting SMTP Server
Selecting Quality Windows Audio Video Experience (QWAVE)

Microsoft Server Feature Properties

After SMTP and FTP are installed, the startup type must be changed from manual to automatic. The following procedure changes the startup type for SMTP and FTP.

NOTE: Verify that the FTProot folder in the Inetpubs directory has at least read access.

  1. Access the Services table by selecting Server Manager -> Configuration -> Services

  2. Open the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Properties panel by right clicking Simple mail Transfer Protocol and selecting Properties on the contact menu

Selecting SMTP Server
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Selecting SMTP Properties
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SMTP Properties Panel

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