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Softphone Initialization Failed: Unknown Error


We get a call from a customer stating that their softphone is not intializing. 

When we review the client logs we see the following error:

16:19:00.660 P/TID 9452/SoftPhone [SoftPhone] About to initialize SoftPhone - MGCPCallAgent: 
16:19:00.661 P/TID 9452/SoftPhone [SoftPhoneEyeP] Error:MGCP:RegKey:9448 - Error 2 deleting the value
16:19:00.661 P/TID 9452/SoftPhone [SoftPhone] Init failed: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. error: ERROR_NONE error string: 


This happened because the customer never configured the switches in Director.


Please set the configuration switches in Director and restart the Communicator Client.

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Created Date 2017-06-22 - Modified Date 2017-06-23

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