How to Send a Voicemail Message to All ShoreTel Users Using "Broadcast Distribution List"


Please see the instructions below for sending a voicemail message to all system users. A user who attempts this should be part of a user group which has the Voicemail settings option "Access to Broadcast Distribution List" checked.

-Dial into your personal voicemail (this is not available using visual voicemail)
-At the initial prompt, please select option 2 to "Send A Message"
-Record your desired voice mail message (press # to stop recording)
-If you message is correct, press #. You can also review the message by pressing 1, re-record by pressing 2, or cancel the process by pressing the * key.
-At the next prompt, dial option 0, and then option 3 to Broadcast the message to all users
-To finish sending the message to all users, press #, or to mark the message as urgent, please 1.

This message will go to all users with mailboxes, but not to a user who has unchecked the mailbox option "Accept Broadcast Messages".

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Created Date 2017-01-12 - Modified Date 2017-01-12

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