Contact Center will not allow schedules to be set for the year 2017


Contact Centers on release CC9 prior to GA16 will encounter an error if they attempt to modify or change a calendar schedule involving dates for January 2017 and beyond.

To verify if you have this issue, login to Contact Center director

  1. go to System Parameters
  2. then Schedules
  3. then Calendar
  4. Attempt to modify any date on or past January 2017

Error at the top of the page will display:

The calendar image will look similar to this in that there will be no color displayed for any month past January 2017

User-added image

More Information

This issue has been filed under defect ENG-349066


This issue has been resolved in Contact Center Release GA17
If the customer does not wish to upgrade, please contact the ShoreTel TAC for Contact Center support and reference defect ENG-349066 for the workaround.

Article: 000012649