Email and SMTP Troubleshooting Guide


Auto attendant prompts, voicemails or emails are not being propagated to other servers or users.


Testing SMTP Communication

You can easily test if SMTP network communication is working properly by using telnet or putty.
In Windows command prompt you can use telnet <IP or servername> 25 to attempt to connect to the target server on port 25.
When successful, you should see a connection banner.  This means that you can communicate over the network on the proper port. Note that Telnet is not installed by default on Windows computers.

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Reasons this may fail:

The SMTP server on the other side is configured on a port other than port 25. (587 is a common one)
Something in the network, like a firewall is blocking the communication.
The name is wrong or can't be resolved (if using hostname).
SMTP is not running on the destination.

ShoreTel Tool:

This tool will use the IIS configuration and test end to end SMTP setup and confirm that email deliver is working.

  1. Open a command window on the ShoreWare server from which you wish to check SMTP connectivity

  2. In the command window go to the Program Files\Shoreline Communications\ShoreWare Server folder

  3. Type: cfg

  4. Type: lserv (this gives a list of the known ShoreWare servers' Names)

  5. Type: sndping Example: sndping ShoreTel

How can I test SMTP connectivity between ShoreWare servers

Verifying Shoretel Configuration

Is IIS configured to use a smarthost? (Can you telnet to it?)
If using a smarthost, and you can telnet to all the Shoretel devices is "Attempt direct delivery before sending to smart host" checked?
This can be checked on IIS 6 manager, properties of SMTP virtual server, Deliver tab, advanced.
In Director under the site configuration, SMTP Relay setting.

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Is ShoreTel generating an email and attempting to deliver it?

    - Check the C:\inetpub\mailroot Queue and Badmail folders

Are there SMTP errors in event viewer? 

    - Filter system log by source SMTPSVC

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Smarthost / Relay Troubleshooting

How to troubleshoot SMTP Relays on Windows Servers

The basics are:

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