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Analog phone can't make outbound calls.


Analog phone can't make outbound calls.
Inbound calls work fine.
Trunk used: PRI 
Tmsncc logs shows pstn error(similar like)
07:39:27.198 ( 8096: 3488) L-DE: 4000000B "00020000-9b55-53ce-cfa0-0010493210d0" 01032919,rsn:90(PstnError),C("+19372455490","",0x8) TrGp=-1 "sip:TGrp_4,p11@"
07:39:27.203 ( 8096: 3488) C-DE: 4000000B "00020000-9b55-53ce-cfa0-0010493210d0" 90,(PstnError) "sip:TGrp_4,p11@"

Ipbx logs:
07:39:26.996 ( 8096: 3488) Switch GAT 220T1a Internal diag: 
CCO 0x4000000b Raw Outgoing CID "" Name "" PRI 0x00000050 (DN 19372455490)

07:39:27.174 ( 8096: 3488) Switch GAT 220T1a PRI disconnect cause 
DISC_IND: Bearer capability not authorized(57), cco_id= 4000000b, flags= 0 

PRI traces doesn't show CallerID or the number shoretel trunk switch  sending to carrier.


Uncheck Make number private from user profile.

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