How Can I Change the Date/Time On My Phone?


The date/time display of ShoreTel ShorePhone IP telephones are managed by the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) server, please contact your System Administrator to adjust the setting if the date/time display is incorrect.

For the System Administrator:

When IP phones are used, time services must be available to maintain the telephone's date and time display. This requires a server that supports the Simple Network Time protocol (SNTP).

Windows Active Directory Domain Controllers will function as NTP servers. It is a good practice to point your phones to a Domain Controller, as that will insure your phones and computers are always on the same time. 

If you do not run an NTP server within your organization, you may use a public accessible time server used by the NIST Internet Time Service (ITS). (Please See Product Installation Guide for additional information)

In addition, you must configure your DHCP server to provide the correct GMT Timezone Offset to the IP phones at each site. 

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