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To Connect To The Maintenance Port Of A ShoreGear-40, ShoreGear-60, ShoreGear-120, Or ShoreGear-T1/E1

To connect to the maintenance port of a ShoreGear-40, ShoreGear-60,

ShoreGear-120, or ShoreGear-T1/E1:

Step 1 Connect a serial cable between a personal computer and the ShoreGear switch.

Step 2 Use a terminal emulation program such as Tera Term Pro freeware to open a connection to the switch.

Apply these values to the terminal settings:

• Speed: 19.2 Kbs

• Data bit: 8 bits

• Stop bit: 1

• Parity: No parity

• Flow Control: None


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Last Modified: 05-04-2010 | ID: KB196