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ShoreTel frequently enlists the help of channel partners and their customers to conduct Pre and Post Usability Testing of new products. ShoreTel has implemented Field Trials as a mean of Pre Release testing and Focus Groups as a mean of Post Release testing. More information on both can be fond below. Participation in these programs is a mutual agreement between ShoreTel and the system user based on program requirements and the acceptance of a completed application.

ShoreTel Focus Groups


A form to gather feedback on ShoreTel's Portfolio of products, features and applications post release. Includes feedback for ONSITE, CLOUD and Hybrid environments. Feedback windows are fluid and are typically held on a weekly basis. Where necessary, separate product or feature specific Focus Groups maybe scheduled for additional input.

What to expect

  • Attendance and feedback for each Focus Group is captured and recorded per session
  • Criteria, feedback and participation will be reviewed on a regular basis
  • ShoreTel's New Product Introduction Team and will be communicated individually with participants not meeting with the above criteria


  • Participants must be using a current version of Connect (current build -1 or -1 SP)
  • Participants must have a test environment or be willing to test in their own environment
  • Participants must provide constructive feedback to support the ShoreTel Products
  • Participants are required to attend no less than 1 focus groups a month
  • Participants must sign Non-disclosure agreement
  • Participants must have a valid support agreement (New customers need to be sponsored by a Partner or ShoreTel Sales Team)


  • Early Customer and Partner preparedness for new features and products (training, product roadmap and early software and hardware distribution)
  • Direct access to ShoreTel Product Teams (Product Marketing, Development, QA and NPI)
  • Some incentives are Program specific

How to Join

ShoreTel Field Trials


A form to gather feedback on ShoreTel's Portfolio of products, features and applications pre release. Includes feedback for ONSITE, CLOUD and Hybrid environments.

How to Join

  • The field trial candidate views the summary of an upcoming release and decides to apply for participation in field trials
  • The candidate fills out and submits a field trial survey
  • Summaries and surveys for open field trials are linked below (you must be logged in to view them)
  • The survey includes a field trial feature presentation, field trial agreement and field trial customer profile form
  • The candidate reviews and accepts the field trial agreement and provides a customer profile by submitting the survey
  • Candidates can bookmark the first page of the survey, work through the survey as time allows, and return to update the survey later
  • The field trial team checks the potential participant's eligibility (valid support service contract) and matches the field trial customer profile against field trial criteria and field trial capacity to determine suitability for the field trial
  • Field trial team replies to potential participant with eligibility results within three business days

Upcoming Field Trials

None at this time. Please check back soon for updates.